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Moody Park

Located in New Westminster, BC, and established in 1862, Moody Park is one the oldest parks in the northwest region, redesigned by Space2place Landscape Architects in 2014 and opened to the public in June 2015. (Reference:

New design consists of a more clear and creative layout with defined pockets of space, as well as improved circulation.

New playscape also provides children with simple, yet diverse natural play elements such as water channel, sand play area, an iconic landform “concrete wave”, as well as custom designed play elements such as climbing poles and wood planks.


Neda was project designer and involved in several stages of the project from research, site analysis, and design workshop to concept design, design development, and tender.


The project has been presented at Comprehensive Studio, UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

Consultant: Space2place Landscape Architects

Client: City of New Westminster, BC, Canada

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