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Emerald Horizons:

A Modern Oasis in the Pacific Northwest

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, this modern landscape design project, titled "Emerald Horizons" seamlessly blends innovation with the natural beauty of the region. Designed based on modernist style, this project consists of different pockets of space, each thoughtfully crafted to enhance the overall experience. The decking and pool area, a flex open space, and a multi-use play area are surrounded by planting beds and landscape trees that celebrate the region's native biodiversity. The building's interiors open to two distinctive spaces, reinforcing the connection between indoor and outdoor living. A minimal Zen garden showcasing a water feature, sand bed, and feature landscape boulders provides a serene retreat, while an outdoor dining space with movable furnishings and a firepit encourages social gatherings, adding a touch of warmth to the sleek, contemporary design. "Emerald Horizons" not only exemplifies modern design principles but also serves as a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship in this picturesque corner of the country.

Submission for a Design Competition: 'Contemporary Residential Garden in the Pacific Northwest'

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