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Di Residence
Living Building Challenge

Located in Kitsilano Neighbourhood, Vancouver, BC, “Di Residence” was a residential garden design project with application of “Living Building Challenge” standards. The greatest landscape design challenge of the project was to incorporate 25% of the entire lot for growing food and urban agriculture.

This criterion was particularly challenging from different perspectives:

Water use: The water use of the residence (both domestic use and irrigation) had to be provided only by rain water harvesting.

Client’s design preference: The Client’s desire was to give a very minimal, clean and modern look to the garden that would be in contrast with food landscapes, which usually tend to have a “messy “ look.

Other challenges included incorporating mostly local materials and products in the design, avoiding usage of certain materials on the “Red List” defined by the LBC program, and increasing permeability of the Garden without compromising aesthetics and comfortability. 

Also more than 90% of the landscape details were specifically custom designed for this project. 

Prime Consultant: HCMA Architects

Sub Consultant: Space2place Landscape Architects

Client: Mrs Di Hui

Project status: under construction

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